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Leech Tweezers
Leech Tweezers Perfect for Leech Therapy For Small & Cosmetic Leeches as well as for baby...
€10.00 €8.00
Leech Forceps for Handling
Leech Forceps - Long. Stainless Steel Metal. Our forceps are a strongly recommended leech tool to...
Hirudotherapy Cotton Rounds
Cotton Rounds specially suited for Leech Therapy (Hirudotherapy) Pack.
Leech Therapy Needles to Make Leeches Bite
Pricking Needles for Leech Therapy / Hirudotherapy /1 Box of 100
Medicinal Healing Mud
Medicinal Healing Mud
6-inch Medical Leech Handler
6-inch Medical Leech Handler
Vaginal Specula for Hirudotherapy
Vaginal Specula for Leech Therapy Suited for Hirudotherapy in Vagina
Leech Therapy HIRUDOTHERAPY Procedure Gloves
€17.00 €15.00
Leech Handling Tool - Sturdy Plastic
Leech Forceps - Long - Material: Plastic. Our forceps are a strongly recommended leech tool to use...
5 Leeches Therapy Bandage Pads - Regular Thickness
Bandaging Pads for Leech Therapy (Hirudotherapy): Pack of 20. Regular Thickness 
Leech Therapy Bandaging Wrap
Bandaging Wrap for Leech Therapy Bites / Wounds. Leech Therapy Bandage Roll is sold as seen...
€14.00 €12.00
10 Hirudotherapy Bandaging Medium Thickness Pads
Bandaging Pads for Leech Therapy (Hirudotherapy): Pack of 10. Medium Thickness 
20 Leech Therapy Bandaging Pads
Leech Therapy Bandaging Pads / Hirudo Therapy: Pack of 20. Disposable Pads Bandaging Material. Square - Very Absorbent ...